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At Arch Lucid we understand that most of our clients may only consider planning permission once or twice in their lifetime and appreciate how complex planning permission is, which is why we are here to help you with expert pre-planning advice!

Before commencing any project, most of our customers ask us the same questions which are;

  • Is my project feasible?

  • If my project is feasible, does it need planning permission?

  • What is required to apply for planning permission and how long will it take?

  • How likely is the council to grant planning approval?

  • What happens if planning permission is rejected?

  • How much will it cost?

These are exactly the right questions to ask and it is very important to get the answers before either proceeding with a planning application or starting construction.

Talking on the phone

You might have already tried to contact your local council and come to realise that it is practically impossible to speak to anyone. Even if by some chance you do speak to someone, they will tell you to submit a formal pre-application with drawings for your proposed development.

It would take 4 to 8 weeks for them to respond to a pre-application with an indication of whether it might be permitted development or requires some form of planning permission. They will indicate how likely they might be to accept such a proposal but unfortunately, this does not give you a definite answer or a legal determination.

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Alternatively, Arch Lucid can conduct a Planning Appraisal which will give you the same answers in 1 day rather than 8 weeks. One of our expert planning consultants will research your project, check the planning policies and check the planning history.

Any similar planning approvals could help your application while similar planning rejections could raise red flags about the feasibility. We will also look for any constraints which may remove your permitted development rights or make it difficult to secure planning approval.

Notebook and Keyboard

Armed with the findings, we will call to give you the appropriate advice and answer any questions you have before sending a written feasibility report. If you do require architectural drawings or a planning application, we can provide a quote for us to take care of everything for you.

Contact us now for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your project.

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